How to Get Visitors to Scroll Down Your Webpage

How to Get Visitors to Scroll Down Your Webpage

If you have a long website page, you’ll need to know how to get visitors to scroll down. Chances are your visitors aren’t making it through all of your content.

Scroll maps measure how far people scroll on a given page, and results typically look like this, where most visitors only see what’s above the fold (what you see in your browser window when the page first loads), and only a fraction making it to the bottom of your page.

a scroll heat map shows how far visitors have made it down your web page

Here are 3 quick ways to address this and get your visitors to scroll:

1. Visual cues 

Add an arrow or text like “learn more” or “scroll down” to let your visitors know there’s more content below.

When the hero image takes up your entire page, adding a visual to cue the visitor to more content will encourage them to look:

a tall hero image needs a visual cue to encourage visitors to scroll down

2. Shorter hero image 

If your main image is shorter, then your content below will appear in the browser window immediately. It’ll be enough to let visitors know there’s more to see.

For example, which of these would you be more likely to scroll down on the page:

a shorter hero image will get users to scroll because they can see content

The version on the left looks like the entire page is an image with nothing below, while on the right, you can see there’s more content, which will encourage visitors to scroll and look.

3. Remove false bottoms

A false bottom is some element that could trick a visitor into thinking that they’ve reached the bottom of the page, even if they haven’t. 

false bottoms can get visitors to stop scrolling because they think they're at the end of the page

So as you’re designing or updating your page, to make sure your visitors keep scrolling, you can either use a softer background color that doesn’t contrast with the rest of your backgrounds as much, or use a visual cue as we mentioned earlier.


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